Dedicated Traditional Butcher in Arbroath

Fleming Butchers have been producing superior quality local meats and meat products since 1925 in Angus and the surrounding area. If there's one thing we know, it's how to prepare perfect cuts for maximum flavour. If you're looking for a true taste of Scotland, why not try our famous sausages made from our own outdoor bred Angus pork? Or try our tasty naturally reared local Scottish beef? We also create home made pies, puddings and pastries using local ingredients too. Visit our shop today or call us on 01241 879 119

Our History

In November 2014, the Batchelor family took over ownership at the long established Arbroath butcher Fleming's. 
We are another local family, who have been farming in the Angus and Tayside area for many generations. 

We're proud to continue the legacy of Fleming Butchers, dedicated to maintaining the high standards set by the family and are committed to continue sourcing our products as locally as possible. 

Our Values

The unique depth of flavour of our products is the hallmark of ethically reared, good quality locally sourced produce. 
All our pork comes from our own farm which is part of the Freedom Foods scheme. Our pigs are RSPCA Assured and recognised as 'Quality Meat Scotland’s' ‘Specially Selected Pork’. Everything we stock is local and traceable to Angus, Perth, Fife and Aberdeenshire farms.

Batchelors Outdoor Bred Pork

- The Batchelor family have been farming pigs on the East coast of Scotland since the 1990’s.

- Our pigs are born in outdoor arcs in farms across Aberdeenshire where they are free to roam.

- After 5-6 weeks they are brought into large straw bedded courts and fed a cereal diet of which the main ingredients are barley, wheat and soya. The wheat and barley are grown on our Angus farm.

- Our pigs are part of the Freedom Foods scheme which means that they are RSPCA Assured pigs and are also assured by Quality Meat Scotland’s ‘Specially Selected Pork’.

- These schemes focus on the welfare of the pig herd and key features include that the sows are not held in ‘farrowing crates’ when they have given birth. After weaning, the pigs are also free to roam in their straw bedded courts providing natural bedding.

Call us today! 01241 879 119

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